It takes courage to expose one’s soul so openly, but once I did – the most obscure path turned into an overwhelmingly sensational adventure.
From an early age I practiced my curiosity and artistic inclinations in the field of design.
growing up along couture fashion, Made a significant impact on my creative language.

I started my professional path through fashion and interior design.
Always thirsty for more, aiming to explore, to understand and to grow, I continued acquiring knowledge, Whether academically or independently.

Out of personal loss my life took a major spin and I found healing through the most rewarding source of all, GIVING.
To others and to myself at the same time.
I devoted myself to help people as a Life-coacher.
my inner voice urged me to share the insights I have gained through my life experience and to pass on my knowledge.


I also developed a special space for children as a tutor for private art lessons, which enabled me to teach them how to express their inner soul, find within their unique gifts and recognize their individuality.

The third source of healing was the fascinating dimension of
Hand Craft Art.
creating was my medicine. It set me free. my mind cleared, my heart opened and my hands led me to a spiritual journey of rebornation.

Whether with brush, ink or bare fingers, I let my energy flutter over the canvas.
Experimenting with all types of materials, styles and techniques, I create my own unique Avant-garde compositions.

My story is uniquely crafted into my creations and my truth reveals between its layers.

I see it as my personal life mission to spread the message of unconditional love, hopefully to help others weave a better path for themselves in this world.