Colorful surrealism

The development process of Art work is mysterious and sometimes mystical, but from the moment A new art creation is born it gains its own independent life.

This series of works expresses an outburst of boundless Freedom. 

COVID 19 period started and life seemed Surreal when we were forced to lock ourselves between walls, quit our processes and put every dream we’ve longed to fulfill on hold.

I found Sanity through fantasy. Created my own dream world of peace and joy.

For the first time I truly made love with Colors, let my hands dance freely and my mind to flow far To the distant horizons of the imagination. 

Some of the paintings in this series reflect my deep strong connection with Sinai, a place dear to my heart, which is a great inspiration for my work. 

This work is an expression of my spirit. 

Either locked indoors, or out in the open, it will always want to break free.