My life is in my hands

A person’s hands are like a map. they can lead you through his life story.

deep into the micro details and all the way out to the surface, This Ink drawings takes us on a trip between the two edges of reality. Black & White.

Whether we look closely, or remotely,

Each perspective will reveal more parts to the story, bringing it to life.

This series of paintings was the starting-line of my Art Brand development.

It was born out of  a very challenging and complex period in my life.

‘My Life Is In My Hands’ was my Mantra, and painting them was my way to express it. To let my inner voice be heard and my message to be spread.

created by Rapidograph pen on paper, The Hands became the center of my work.  

Over time I evolved and changed, and so did my creative themes, but till this day the Hands patterns and details keep being reflected in my work.