Decisions . Every morning we face them.

Driven by stress and self-criticism, we Forgot the sound of our inner voice.

Many of us survive life instead of really living it. 

Out of personal experiences that became a part of my special life story, I felt a strong need to learn how to heal myself and find my right path.

My endless longing for knowledge, and my strong need for development, led me to devote a significant part of my doing, into learning the world of the mind and soul.

The journey continued and along with it a new strong insight was evolving. it became clear to me i had to pass on my knowledge, to teach others the ability to create changes, to help themselves, to accept themselves.

Aside from my continuous self learning, and My strong affinity for exploration, I chose to deepen further through coaching studies, and continue to enrich my mind through courses in Theta Healing, Access Bars, and Communication Studies.

To look inward, to listen, to feel and to understand things between the words that are said, are qualities that have always Defined me. So you could say that this occupation chose me no less than I chose it.

My work method is Manifested through complete acceptance, judgmentless observation of deep understanding, and the ability to see through the person, what his ambitions are and what is the challenge he faces. 

Each person at his own pace, will receive from me tools that will teach him to be more focused on

Self-Love, instead of judgment.

My goal is to enlighten people into the realization that there is no one truth or one way. Life is full of possibilities.

I am here to see, listen, teach and help you move forward, To create a change,

to accept yourself – just as you are.


It is a great privilege for me to be a part of children’s inner development process.

In my art lessons, I wish to pass on to my students more than a lesson in painting.

Through art, I take them on a special journey.

As in life itself, from the moment the kids walk through the door of the studio, they are facing different choices.

Whether in choosing the size of the canvas, the colors, or designing the piece, they think, plan, process the idea, make a decision and do.

Many times they will come to class with a certain belief about their level of ability, what they are more or less good at, when at the end they will realize that there is much more to them than they thought. Something that seemed too complex before, is actually even quite simple.

This is the most exciting part of the lesson – the feeling of success. 

It is lovely to watch this process. Experience with them the change of perception out of the creation.

This is my main goal: give children the space and the guidance to express themselves, discover their inner voice, learn something new about themselves and strengthen their self-confidence through their personal success.


I welcome you to a process of creation, revelation and connection.

The workshop allows each and every one of us to express our artistic side,  in a unique and personal way, and create layers upon layers of ourselves. 

Entering a process of creation that is not known in advance, we will learn to put aside the thoughts and worries for a moment, listen to our inner voice and let it lead us the way.

The workshop is a reflection of our passions, our hopes and dreams, it makes us face ourselves. 

We will get to know the material, choose the colors, learn about the work techniques and dive together into a process of creation, healing and personal empowerment, through the wonders of the art world.

Double workshop – workshop for two and the teacher – the artist.

The workshop lasts about 3 hours.